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iovanni Volpato was an Italian painter of 18th century.He received his first training from his mother, an embroiderer, and then studied under Giovanni Antonio Remondini. While still young, however, he went to Venice, where he received some instruction from Wagner and Bartolozzi, and engraved several plates after Piazzetta, Mariotto, Amiconi, Zuccarelli, Marco Ricci,and others. He worked some time for the Duke of Parma, until a plate from the Monument of Algarotti at Pisa brought him wider notice. His patron, Girolamo Zulian, in 1771 recommended him to move to Rome, where he gained fame for his engravings of Raphael paintings and frescoes. He also established a porcelain factory that made ceramic replicas of Greco-Roman originals to satisfy the longing for antique art during the Neoclassic period. One of his pupils was his son in law, Raffaello Morghen. Gavin Hamilton employed him to engrave several plates for his Schola It?lica Picturae. During the years 1770-1777 he was the principal artist employed on the well-known set of prints reproducing the decor of the interior walls and pilasters of the Loggia of Raphael in the Vatican. Some of these plates were hand-colored and did not necessarily reproduce the actual color, design and even subject of the Loggia's vaults and pilasters. In Rome he founded a school of engraving, in which several excellent artists received their education. He died in Rome.
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