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Архив новостей

Focused attention

Dear guests!From January 1, 2014 our gallery is working flextime. But we are happy to continue to be pleased to provide you our extensive art collection, just let us know about the desired time of the visit in advance by phone: +7 905 2157047
27 February 2014


Внимание! С 01 января 2014 года галерея работает в закрытом режиме. Мы по-прежнему рады предоставить вашему вниманию обширную коллекцию произведений искусства, увидеть которые возможно, предупредив нас о желаемом времени визита заранее по телефону: +7 905 2157047.
11 February 2014

Welcome to the gallery!

Begin your spring with contemplation of the beauty! We are happy to represent you paintings, drawings, sculptures and artdolls. For our spring exposition we have chosen works by such artists as Roman Shustrov, Arsen Avetisyan, Galina Korostik, Andrei Drozdov, Armen Gasparyan etc.
07 March 2012

Deer ladies! Vadim Zverev Gallery congratulates you with the holiday of spring, endearment, attention and female charm!

This day let all the colors of the world reflect in your happy eyes and flower bouquets will fulfill the frosty air with its spring fragrances. Don’t forget thinking of beauty as often as you can – as you are its best embodiment!
07 March 2012

Режим работы галереи

Vadim Zverev Art Gallery works again in its usual way. We are happy to see you every day from 12 to 20 p.m. except for Sunday.
15 February 2012

The Gallery is waiting for a new exhibition

Up to the end of January the Gallery is temporary closed for the update of the exhibition. We are still happy to see our guests, but we kindly ask to inform us in advance about your visits  (Tel. 8-905 - 2157047). We will let you know beforehand when the new exhibition wil be ready.
16 January 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The end of December is time to sum up. During the year we have significantly renovated the team of the gallery and we hope that from now on our work will become even more active and creative than before. As usual we have participated in various exhibitions and organized them on our territory. We were supplementing our collection with new masterpieces of modern (and not only modern) art. We have launched, if not at full capacity yet, the web-site of our new Afjatica project. We have found a lot of new friends, clients and artists. All in all, we can call this year a successful one.
We would like to send our greetings to everyone on the occasion of the coming festivals. From the 27th of December 2011 till the 9th of January 2012 we are going to have New Year’s holidays, but we will keep in touch as usual.
27 December 2011

The New Year in the Gallery!

Vadim Zverev Art Gallery is preparing as hard as it can for the New Year. We have everything for making a festive mood – a lot of light, many beautiful items and of course the Christmas tree! We are open again till 20 p.m. and will be happy to see all our guests till the 26th of December inclusive.
12 December 2011

Where-Russia.com & Vadim Zverev Gallery

Where-Russia.com - Russian national tourist site for international travelers provides up-to-date information about St.Petesburg cultural events. You can always find us here.
28 November 2011

Winter carnival at “Vadim Zverev Gallery”

“Vadim Zverev Gallery” is happy to present a new exhibition, inspired by the preparation for the winter holydays. We will show new sculptures by St. Petersburg artist Arsen Avetisian, canvas by Andrey Gonyukov from his famous series “Reconsideration. A new round”, colorful photorealistic still-lives by Natalia Selivanova and enigmatic art-dolls by Andrey Drozdov as well as many other big and small masterpieces from the collection of the gallery.
23 November 2011

II Moscow International Exhibition “DOLL ART”

In October 28-30, 2011 “Vadim Zvarev Gallery” will participate at II Moscow International Exhibition “DOLL ART” held at Central Exhibition Hall “Manege”. Being the biggest doll exhibition in the world, this event will gather under one roof more than 1000 participants from different countries. During three days of the exhibition they will demonstrate their unique art dolls collections. The diversity of works is amazing: beginning with folk dolls and finishing by “glamour dolls” by modern artists. Thousands of works will reveal the connections between dolls and different cultural aspects – for masses, elite, folk and subculture. Furthermore, there will be master-classes during the exhibition days.

To “Manege” Hall “Vadim Zvarev Gallery” will bring modern urban themes of Andrey Drozdov’s art dolls and “St. Petersburg style”, a bit relaxed motives from Roman Shustrov’s art studio. These authors are to demonstrate the leading idea of our gallery: there are no borders and frames in the world of art dolls, the only limitation is the author’s talent.

03 October 2011